Pilot and first day of minimalism journey

I’m, at least what I think I am a organized chaos. Growing up, I love owning things, dresses, bags, notebooks, pens, tea pots…, the list never ends. As I grown up, I still love owning the same things, only more expensive. Pens that run up to 2000$ each, hundred dollar notebooks, of course Roger viviers, ferragamos…, the list never ends.

Loving beautiful things, bringing them home, organize them into my life has been one of my greatest pleasures. Time goes by, things accumulate, organization, cleanups gradually gains weight, and it started to weight me down, especially when I moved. Average time for me to pack and unpack everything into a new home is about 3 months.

I moved to a 2100 square feet home 8 months ago, and filled the garage, the shed, 3 bedrooms for all my boxes. Coupled with work, remodeling and family, I never got the chance to unpack fully. It’s been 8 month, and I’ve lived without 90% of my stuff, and survived. Now I am thinking, do I need them? I still love every one of them, my beautiful traveler’s notebooks, my totoro frames, and my fluffy huge strawberry lotso. But, do I really need them?


IMG_0156 2

Just a sneak peak on parts of my storage 😥 .

As work, life, obligations start to pile up, I started searching for ways to live a simple life with clarity, energy and ultimately, happiness. Minimalism and decluttering are what I found that suits my situation, and intuitively will lead me towards my goal.

After watching thousands of youtube videos I decided to go ahead and get started with my minimalism journey. Slow and steady.

So First Day!

I listed out 20+ categories that I will be decluttering, and decided to focus one at a time. Some categories will span across multiple days. Slow and steady. Breathe.

The goal of the journey is to find happiness, relief of baggage, gain better clarity. Not to be an overnight minimalist. 😮

So First Category, Pens(writing instruments).

Yes, I have pens, probably can equate to a stationary shop. So I am splitting it into multiple parts, and first part is just to go through two boxes of them.


Box 1 has normal pens, about a hundred of them. My rules for dividing is simple,

  • Love love love it > Keep
  • Does’t work > Trash
  • Rest > Donation

These rules gives me clarity, and keeps me in line. If I can’t say I love love love it, I don’t get to keep it, some else who needs it deserves it.

Here is the result, took about 10 minutes

IMG_0153 2.JPG

I gave up about 75% of this box. And wow, I absolutes love and need all the pens I kept. The sense of relief and clarity at this point is beyond words.


Second box is mostly marks and highlighters. I kept a little less than half of it.

The feeling is so rewarding, that I almost couldn’t wait to start another round, when I reminded myself, slow and steady.

So this is for the day, and tomorrow is another beautiful day.


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